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Locate local karaoke shows/events and search song list if available.

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If you know of events around this location, let us know. Please try again with a different location and/or date. See help for assistence.

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Local Events Help

To search for local events:

  1. Select the radius to search within from the miles selection list. It defaults to 15 miles.
  2. Turn Auto-locate on or off (if available). Auto-locate will be available if your device has gps and/or supports location sharing. When Auto-locate is turned on, GTKK Mobile will attempt to locate your location via your device's locating method (either GPS or using ip address). While obtaining your location, your browser will ask for permission to share your location. For Auto-Locate to work, you'll need to allow sharing of your location with GTKK Mobile. Depending on your device, it may take up to 2 minutes to get your location. During this time, the Search button will be disabled. You can turn Auto-locate on or off at any time.
  3. When Auto-locate is not available or is turned off, you can enter your location via a search text box. You can enter a full or partial address, a city(city, state), a ZIP code, airport code, sometimes even a landmark (i.e. Disneyland) would work. However, this search can only do a best guess of your location if it's ambiguous. So be somewhat specific. Valid locations to enter are:
    • 200 University St, Seattle, Wa
    • Seattle (just the city works here as it's unique.)
    • Fremont, CA (need the state here as Fremont by itself is very ambiguous.)
    • 98101
    • Disneyland
  4. Select the timeframe of the events to search for. The choices are:
    • Today: return events for today only.
    • A Date: when this is selected, a date field will appear. Click on the date field to bring up a spinning date picker. Then you can select the date you want on the date picker and click on the Set button to enter the selected date into the date field. This will return events for that particular date.
    • Upcoming: return all events for the next 2 weeks starting today.
  5. Click on the Search button.

For this beta testing phase, we only have events in the Seattle area. So please search for Seattle during this period. We are planning on expanding during our release candidate testing phase. At the mean time, if you have events that you would like to add, or know of events that you think should be in our database, feel free to contact us and let us know at

To save a search to your device, you can click on the Save this search button. Searches are saved to your local device in your device's local storage if it exists. If not, it'll store the data in a browser cookie. So if you don't have cookie enabled, this feature might not work for your device. Also if the data is stored in a cookie and you cleared your browser cookies, it might delete all your saved searches as well.

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Song List Help

To search the song list:

  1. Select By Title or By Artist. Search/Browse By Title will search or browse by the song's title. The result will also be sorted alphabetically by song title. Search By Artist will search or browse by the artist's name. The result will be sorted alphabetically by artist's last name/group name.
  2. Select either to do a text Search or to Browse from a list. Search mode will present a search text box for you to enter a search text. This is the most efficient if you know what you're looking for as this will eliminate a lot of data traffic. In Browse mode, you're presented a keypad with letters for you to select from to browse titles or artists that starts with those letters. This is useful if you don't know what you're looking for and just want to browse through the collection. Use this mode only if you have unlimited data or are using WiFi to minimize your data plan cost.
  3. If using Search mode:
    Enter a search text in the search text box. You must enter at least 1 character. There are 2 special search strings to make certain searches easier. The 2 special cases are:
    • Titles or artists that starts with a symbol. Simply enter # in the search text box.
    • Titles or artists that starts with a number. You can enter #'s in the search text to return all titles or artists that starts with a number.
    Do not mix song title and artist name in the search text box. A, An, and The are articles and are ignored by the search engine if they're at the beginning of a song title or artist name. Do not enter them in the search text box if they are at the beginning of the string. To search for A Night To Remember, enter "night to remember", and for Shadows In The Night, enter "shadows in the night".
    Then click on the Search button under the text box to get results.
  4. If using Browse mode:
    Click a button in the keypad presented. If the button has gray text, it means that there are no records that starts with that letter.

The result list will show:

Scroll down to the bottom of the list to see the number of titles found. Each request will only bring back at most 50 titles. If there are more title available, click on the Load next n songs button. This will help if you have a metered data plan.

Favorite Songs:

To add or remove a song from your favorite list, just click on the star on the right side of the song that you want to add or remove. A gold star means it's in your favorite list. Favorite songs are applied to any venue and provider. For those of you that care which version of the song that the provider has, such as LD vs CDG, particular instrumental/background singer version, use the checkbox in front of the song number to remember that particular song number. The checkbox will only apply to a particular provider. But will be applied to all venues for that provider.

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Favorite Titles Help

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